Space Beats: and other sonic treats

by My Rap Name is Alex

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released May 1, 2016




My Rap Name is Alex Buffalo, New York

My Rap Name is Alex. I'm a story teller from Buffalo, New York in North America. These days I tend to focus on stories having to do with how we can treat ourselves, the beings around us, and our environment much better than we have been.

For more info on me please check out my Patreon link below.
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Track Name: 41. Message at the Tone
41. Message at the Tone

I just came from planet Earth
I left a note on their machine
It was brown instead of blue
and there was no sign of beings

I hope they are okay
but I'm not holding my breath
Its orbit was kinda wobbly
and I fear there's no one left

The last anyone had heard from them
seems they were playing games with fission
Frying coal into the air
like they were on a mission

I scanned for their ecosystem
I didn't find a trace
The upper atmosphere was gone
and there was debris in its place

It seems their thirst for energy
led to a path that wasn't wise
Which really is too bad
I kinda liked those guys
Track Name: 42. Searchlights
I'm adrift and exist at the mercy of the junk
I shower when I feel imperiled by the funk
I'm no dummy, I just don't get that motivated by the money
I keep waiting for it to all have been a joke that wasn't funny
Not much left of my home planet the Earth
It's a total burnt out husk, but, I _have_ seen worse
running low on fuel, and that is so not cool
still being 45 light years from Praqul
with Everybody looking for me since I left Delta-3
they want what I got, and I don't blame them, it is pretty hot
on the sand dunes with no energy left for tunes
and you're left to fill a quota picking through the runes

I look to the skies I rise, they won't keep me down no more
I'm sick of their lies, I despise, their guns their greed, their ignoring my needs, their egos and their wars

another show another shave
another d'oh oh behave
another day that I'm a slave
and get charged more than I'm paid
but I got it made
I got devices to my right
for making music all day and night
the new one has very pretty lights
and I don't have to fight
to be free / from labels, 360s OR flashbacks of Bill Bixby
you wouldn't like me when I'm angry, but / what/'s to like
I can disappear for a light year with this here cloaking device
and reappear with machines like you've never seen
and sounds that are made out of dreams

I look to the skies I rise, they won't keep me down no more
I'm sick of their lies, I despise, their guns their greed, their ignoring my needs, their egos and their wars

When I give, I give to forget
and then forget that I gave so I'm very grateful to get
and this is the best day yet / good to be back
on a terra firma track adrift in the pitch black
countdown to clearing the dark side of this moon
half CGI & half cartoon
uncovering unwanted sounds and loving them back to life
the ones who discarded us never thought twice
all I've got to say, some day they're gonna pay
I'm sorry. I just can't let it end this way


I look to the skies I rise, they won't keep me down no more
I'm sick of their lies, I despise, their guns their greed, their ignoring my needs, their egos and their wars
Track Name: 43. Breakers in Space II
43. Breakers in Space II

When we last left our heroes they were spinnin on their backs
the frayed rope unraveled and ultimately snapped
but we couldn't find a single soul to care about the snap
because there was no gravity to make them fall flat
so they could spin forever if they didn't have to pack
but 360 times around and that was enough of that
you can dolphin for days on end when you don't know where up is at
but if you really need to know you go download the faq
two b-girls to a crew to keep this show on track
and two track suits will probly do to keep eyeballs off the racks
it's been an age and a couple of days since we had scrumptious snacks
but at least we got some space to break and a bass drum tom tom hat

I like how I did that?

It's the breakers in space
and we're back
It's the breakers in space
yeah it's ike that!

we did a robot dance for Pluto, put a sick windmill on Mars
the BTVs packed light that night so we could could all fit in two space cars
the mars part was sorta kinda smart it was good for some hardy-hars
most of the time I leave it out outdated in this fast paced life of ours
that black haired girl up and disappeared by now she'd be pretty far
the other is a mother and she's real close. In earshot? Yes, you are.
and our daughters they are dancers too so far they are on par
my little girl got them dancin genes met her mamma through the dancin arts
we eye gazed dance crazed days away and ended up holding hearts
what else you gon do when your break dance crew is not that big on bars?

Hey hey hey, it's last Saturday come out to play and battle in the stars

It's the breakers in space
and we're back
It's the breakers in space
yeah it's ike that!


I got breakers to the left of me in their freshest break dance clothes
breakers to the right sit tight all night freaken on them flows
we ain't got time for wastin rhymes on them big-time so-n-sos
I got two tablets and a microphones and that's all I need I spoze
time to B major on this flavor there's ice where the cold wind blows
last I knew that's how the garden grew but I think you misspelled hose
you gotta turn a phrase at least three ways to keep these knees on their toes
but that's head and shoulders above the erworms everybody knows
you tell me is it poetry or just somewhat clever prose
tv-screens glow while those bros crow fo' Poe's goPro videos
if you didn't bust a move to this here groove well I guess that's how it goes
I'll try to hold space with a sound or two before we bring it to a close

I like to move it move it!

I am having a whole lot of fun right now and I think I know what will make it even better.
Track Name: 44. Get the Feeling Right
44. Get the Feelin Right

Let's get the feelin right right I like it
the feelin ain't right. Alright we gotta right it
If the fire goes out don't pout just relight it
if power come around get down we gotta fight it
when it's time to cry just cry
when they say it's time to lie ask why
the lights go on come on don't be shy
you ain't got to be able to fly to touch sky
don't worry that it's not good enough
it's your dance it's all good. Good? Understood
are you lookin for the love of your life or a love for a night
If the feelin is right then why fight?

Let's get the feelin right
let's get the feelin, right?
When we get the feelin right
then we get to feelin right

Let's get the feeling right RIGHT Now!
Or actually gimme a minute, I'm recieving a transmission. Ow. Ow. Ow!
[robot voice]
I'm fine. No worries. No headaches, huddles or hurries
That camera dome and blinking light are just here to help you with your worries
One thing to know about this chip, is that it won't hurt a bit
just don't move your hand too fast, you won't accidentally buy things with it
now you'll just know where to go to get the goods when you get the chance
it'll automatically make more time to squeeze more stress into your plans
in this harnass and stiff pants you won't be as inclined to dance
we're too serious about immiseration to leave it to happenstance
we now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress

Let's get the feelin right
let's get the feelin, right?
When we get the feelin right
then we get to feelin right

Let's get the felin right keep it right
you get the feelin just right you feel the funk all night
I know why the caged bird can sing
music exists just to fix everything
I know why all the fools fall y'all love is the answer
and why is rhythm smiling? I know. Rhythm's a dancer
Why are you smiling is it the change of the season?
And I'm a BlooThirsty Vegan so I don't need a reason
I was surprised when we locked eyes honey bunch
now I know what you like or at least I got a strong hunch
some things only music can do and I've come to do those things for you
Track Name: 45. House at the Top of a Tree
45. House at the Top of a Tree

There's a House at the Top of a Tree
there's me there's you
now what we gonna do
on the cotton candy couch of life there's less strife
there's three blind mice
and a carving knife
and if there's five or more I'm sure we'll all form a line
the massage train can't be too far behind
it's time to change tracks
and never look back
and that's the way it is because it's like that
and I got a pretty extensive collaction of unflattering pants
and I just can't wait to dance
here come my chance
in the house at the top of the three
here's me here's we
there's the beat, there's our feet
and we advance with no retreat
life is sweet, when we got each others' backs for real
justice now has mass appeal
the tribe is alive with love and good vibes
and life is more than just surviving

It looks like we finally found some water
so I guess we finally aughta
do a celabratory dance
while we have the chance
look at cecil in them hammer pants, show us some moves
oooooo nobody wants to see your tentacles

welcome to my personal space
welcome to my face
welcome back to embracing
here's what we'll do
we'll kick off our shoes, we'll shake off our blues, I'm tellin you
we're gonna love like our life depends
listen to our lovers, listen to our friends
attack each other's troubles
one tribe till the end
in the house at the top of a tree
there's just we
Track Name: 46. The Empire
46. Empire

The Empire is here
and this much is clear
we draw power from your fears
ain't been THIS powerful in years
our imperial oligarchs heard your pleas for peace, and none of em cares
sucks to be you, You got a battleship, make our day if you dare
Our war exercizes are full of surprises
if nobody moves then MAYBE nobody buys it
remember us? Badassian empire. Leave no traces.
Got a million millitary bases all up in yo faces
in some cases, personnel is well behaved
and if not 'boys will be boys' we always say
we have to forge them into killers and sadly some of em crack
at which point it's easier to promote them than try to send them back
we got wallop weapons pre-paid
that don't come out for another decade
BE: we got it made

Badassian Empire: We got it made
We make the biggest weapons so we stay paid
We take your resources like every day
we just spread like viruses in every way

we can atom smash your puny planet, pulverized at a distance
*we don't even tell our people of your people's attempts at peaceful resistance
you can say that you don't hate us but that won't even matter
our newstation say that you do, so you just chatter
but best belive the moment you step the least bit out of line
it's a huge headline, look at what the insurgents are doing this time
and then we attack you whenever we want with unmanned drones
we don't have to get our hands dirty while we smote your hut like homes

we just care about money
we just care about money
we just care about money
and we just care about money
we just care about money
we just care about power
derived by controll of money
You want power? That's funny

The Empire Strikes Back, strikes first, strikes next
three strikes and you're out, lights out, cut off at the neck
for a moment the slaves thew off some chains and that did upet our rhythm
but Now it's perfectly legal again in the new for profit prisons
which keeps the trouble makers out of the way so that things can be more quiet
whoevers left will just tell on each other if anyone look fit to riot
we got a billion ways to divide the many into tiny pockets of few
and that's just what we always do and that's just how we've always ruled

oh yeah. almost forgot
we also care about guns
loves muh gun
Track Name: My Rap Name is Alex (feat. prod by DiViNCi) - 47. g.e.a. #4
47. g.e.a. #4
by My rap Name is Alex (prod by DiVinCi of Solilla)

green to tha earth to tha al
I ain't tried this style in a while
I been keepin a really low profile
but you can sorta see by the sinister smile
I got enough flow to go buckWILD
gimmie an an inch and I'll take a pile o miles
Whatever. I Don't endeavor to be clever
I endeavor to get better than I ever was before
and don't really ask for more. Score!
Your vagabond shoes are longing to stray
n that's kinda freakin me out now OKAY???
don't mind me, I'm just tryin to see
how much cat yak, landed up in your nap sack
BaBow! Wow.

me... as shy as I am
I was the perfect man to NEVER be in a band
but here I am,
one day Hey wandered on stage,
started my next phase, TRY you'll be amazed
suddenly someone says let there be lights
and low and behold I am aight on the mic
there were a whole lot of lyrics screaming to be said
that started tumbaling out of my head
I figured better off dead from the fury of the fight
than to live on my knees in a life without life
Get up! And get right! Don't get caught in their sights
Don't fall in the trap. What? You never seen a wookie rap?
Well, I don't care about that.

I guess you can find art, in the space port mall-mart
But you find more heart when someone hums in the car park
it's the man's plan to command all channels and stations
but we keep inovating greater indie creations
so they flex a vexed screw face you know how the rich do
they like to lie awake, they prob'ly lie in their sleep too
Who know's who's who? What's false and what's true
Those that claim that they do they watch too much YouTube
useless questions to ponder through the night
like how does Mario plumb and keep his gloves all white?
The grabbity hands grab all that they can
it's zero gravity man, that's really all they can stand
so how to proceed? we need to know what to do.
Oooo. All I can say is do you
it's all about the body and mind wise and diesel
in the age of the chimpanzees I was a weasel
but I never went pop
like the top of the play-dough
and Eppo plays a Lido

What did I just Say?
What DID I just say?
Uh hey. I'm gonna duck out the back now
but um, ah.... LOOK WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE?!?
Track Name: 48. The Problem With Earthlings
48. The Problem With Earthlings

The promlem with the Earthings is that they got hooked on the OSEs
which led to hyperactivity and hyper halitosis
glucose, fructose, sucrose, and whatever
if it lead to increased sales they'd spray it on your sweater
and wash it down with some chips, yeah chips, chocolate and cheese
then lift their heads up to the sky and try to pray away heart disese

so now they're hyperactive on top of their hyper-violence
And those aren't even the worst ones, the worst are the ones that are silent
half paying attention to what happens beyond their homes
they claim to be about compassion while real actual children are bombed by drones

The problem with the Earthlings and a long history of abuse
they won't ever break their cycle, it would hurt the ratings for news
Huns, conquistadores, plantation owners, robber barrons, and on
the only permissible debate of late is how much MORE to fund their Pentagon

The problem with the Earthings is that they worship their GDP
they're not allowed to do things that make sense without consulting their economy
Cancer alley's and actual place where actual people live
Vinyl waste and toxic taste for those not rich enough to give

The problem with the Earthlings is is they overtax their minds
How'd you expect to have any time left juggling ten deadlines (at a time)
they don't know how to ask for help, with even the simplest task
they're all isolationists anyway so who would you even ask?

The problem with Earthings is they don't know how to say 'I don't know'
if they don't know the answer they make up something and then belive that it's so
so there are 7 billion perceptions and each one of them is right
and if you ever disagree you'll see they're given to fight

The problem with the Earthlings is when they do agree
you can't argue with absolute nonsense if they've labeled it history
a continuing cycle of misinformation that must be maintained somehow
it didn't happen at all this way but Hey it's tradition now

The problem with the Earthlings is that lying can be a trade
just get a degree in lying skillfully and then you've got it made
Hill & knowlton & Young & Rubicam and all those PR guys
reep millions of billions of profit points learning to market your lies
Track Name: 49. There is No Time
49. There is No Time

Every day the empire got more guns
there ain't no time to wait
Every day the banksters got more funds
there ain't no time to wait

Every day they forclosed on more of our homes
there ain't no time to wait
Every day they got a few more camera domes
there ain't no time to wait

There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait
There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait

they got us fighting one another
there ain't no time to wait
they got ruining our Delta mother
there ain't no time to wait

The yaxorbacks are going extinct
there ain't no time to wait
and the senate don't care what you think
there ain't no time to wait

There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait
There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait

the people still left fighting are gettin lonely
there ain't no time to wait
That robot right there is snitchin on me
there ain't no time to wait


There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait
There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time to wait

this galaxy is full of screens and they work like a dream
inceasant self-serving soft sell for soft serve ice cream
like a true natures child we were born to be wild
and all this plastic in piles is really crampin our styles
and all these changes out here, in our atmosphere
will be a feedback loop load on a road to nowhere
war is over if you want it but not if you you don't care
we fail to care and Raytheon just keeps increasing it's share
price, Aw. Isn't that nice.

Killin time with the merchants of death like life's a game
Man this whole system is a scam and a sham and a shame
Who's to blame? Who cares?
Who's for change? Who dares?
to believe that we have the power
if we refuse to cower
It's long past since
there was time to sit the fence
evil is everywhere
you either care or you don't care


There ain't no time to wait we gotta take it to em
There ain't no time
Track Name: 50. Get Up Right Now
50. Get Up Right Now

I really think the war on terror is a bunch of horse junk
that's why I'm takin politics and mixing it with space funk
we're all human family from Pittsburgh to Pakistan
a drone attack is SO whack that should be plain as day m'man
and I'm sick of the war machine and sick of all the wars
sick of seeing youth sent back to do another tour
sick of private prisons, and violent police
who should pay for these abominations, dude don't look at me
because brother I ain't GOT a dirty dime that you can borrow
You think life's unfair today? Wait'll'ya see tommorow
It's really feelin 11th hour / In this media shower
the world's been waiting for YOU / to / come back into your power
somehow some way this great melting pot / got
to 90% hypocracy and 10% democracy
we got a party to screw you fast a party to screw you slow
just to insho' you're screwed whichever way you go
they claim represent the people? So then tell me what's the reason
they look at the people and see treason?
the imperial senate will not sit still they'll get ill
but don't bother bout that we can get up still

Get up, gotta get up, gotta get on up
gotta get up don't stop, rising to the top
lift yo head up so high that you know
up's the only way we can go
Gotta get up right now!
Gotta get up right now!

I don't like to talk I'm gonnas, I much prefer I dids
like I did on the daily help to raise up awesome kids
and I learned a lot of things, and I live a lot of life
and saved some of my best for my daughter and my wife
common law any way, they take me to a brighter day
doing right by your family's great for your mental state
every day I feel we are raising such a diamond daughter
that it seems like me and Sophie deserve some sort of trophy
so help me Bela Bee be y'may be be my only hope
but not for sharing days with you I dunno how I'd cope
that's why I'm so selective, with what we get into
time wasted on uselessness could be time with you
and I'm not gonna lie yo, I don't got a lotta time
I might not make it to your meeting but I made it to these rhymes
if you're gonna have a meeting is it gonna make sense
are you gonna make change or you gonna make rent?
we letting infiltrator agitators hijack the show
or are we gonna say no and find a new way to go
and I ain't tryin'a get arrested, you can if that's your deal
but me and my bank account can't take that hit for real
so I set sights on what can do, and do it when I can
ain't nobody gotta tell me that it's time to fight the man
youngins don't fret about the future, if you ain't gon lift a finger
You can't have the eye of the tiger AND pray to Bob Iger
or Xbox or pewdiepie not tryin to tell you what to like
but time spent on distractions does detract from time for action
there's a real world out here that needs you up in it
fully present, mad creative and in it to win it
we all have got to get on up

Get up, gotta get up, gotta get on up
gotta get up, don't stop, rising to the top
lift yo head up so high that you know
up's the only way we can go
Gotta get up right now!
Gotta get up right now!