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My Real Name is Alex

by My Rap Name is Alex

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You're about to see hip hop in action you're gonna get your satisfaction Up up and away Here we come to save the day My Rap Name is Alex My Real Name is Alex Just let em eat cake? Nah, I'm with the people not the palace Just another godless heathen A prisoner of reason And a BloodThirsty Vegan that's duckin through rabbit season Bringin that crazy conscious hip hop The kind that can't can't w-won't, d-don't don't stop I don't do that rap about cats racin rats rappin bout bustin off their gats lyin to their girls and all o dat They say don't hate the player I hate on what I wanna Hate the player AND the game AND the coach AND the owner But nevermind the hate that's not what I'm here to say I'm just antsy, my hip hop is HYPERACTIVE today So Anyway on with the show You made it through the intro so here we go here we go
02. g.e.a. 03:51
Green to the Earth to the Al I'm your planet Earth Pal Porque pollucion tambien es muy mal My Rap name is Alex My real name is Alex black, white, poly, plus I'm down with the chalice How now brown cow, How ya like me now? I got the two year old shoes blues. How's that for style? And these the cleanest clothes I had on in a while So you better hug me now by tomorrow I'll be foul I'll rock this mic for any crowd that you like I get around town on a rickety bike If that ain't cool I don't care what cool is If I just drank some wheat grass juice that's my biz I rock the hip hop for you, you and you Rock it for two thousand; I'll rock it for just two And... I rock it for Backpackers, hackers, slackers raging radicals, Republican backers Any race and religion that you bring up in here All the places, faces, sizes & shapes and oh dear Even LGBT drag queen & queer And dreadheaded white kids that ain't washed their dreads in a year that ain't that clean and don't care, give you dirt of the Earth hugs and leave a streak o sweat right there next your ear, but dirt don't hurt so don't fear This here is your year My year too, shoot, you know how we do The rap name is Alex, my mom's name was Sue a 1, 2... a 1, 2..., a 1, 2... a 1, 2... a 1, 2... a 1, 2..., and here's the part where we dance Now for fun I'm'a do somethin theoretical, hypothetical, break it down Alphabetical A Big Corny Dude Eats Food, G'fuh Him I Just Kill Lyrics My NiceNew Omnipotent Pen Queen Rheen Seen This Used Violin While Xenophobic Youth ZigZag back again Coup D'Etat fish goomba, ha It's jems Jewels, kool, now I'm back to breakin all the rules See, B-cause I'm the best rapper there's ever gon be. Nah, I'm just playin. That ain't really me. On the real my life is on a rumble to be humble To see peoples as equals and sometimes I stumble But how could I front like I'm some super star Pushin up 25 plus APR You know what times was hard, threw it all on my credit card Best I could do not to starve Plus, Who'd I be kiddin, I throw tires for a livin I got dirt in my nails that's been there since Thanksgivin thought black snot was so punk rock for a minute acid rain seems so mundane until you're in it In the land of milk & honey seems every taste is savory 'til you wake up and welcome to wage slavery Your taxes they go up, your services go down got bucks for bombs, nothin for my broke ass town I heard em say it's love what make the world go round It's time we STOP children what's that sound? My Rap Name is Alex I'm buildin up community life livin love. Love livin life in unity. Uh! One love, One heart, we all fall into one. And the song is Done.
Who told you people with pimples ain't appealin? Or skinny blonde girls don't have feelins? Who told you you were to big to be sexy? Or that the quiet voice is not worth respecting? And who says a magazine cover's what you're supposed to be? Nah, just as you are you look beautiful to me. You're not to short, too fat, too black or too tall I see nothin wrong with you at all And as soon as we get your wings unfurled Your gifts are going to change the whole world I wanted to know love I had to do this first see the truth of the beauty of the women of the Earth the children of the Earth, the men of the Earth the beauty of myself, you know, my self worth the truth and the beauty of the people in between in the whole web of life if you know what I mean Heather K gotta say gratitude to the end for what you added to my life helped me find all my friends and the interconnections upon which life depends maybe some day we find a way to make amends (ends, ends, ends, ends, ends) we're all winners here fighting to be free from fear we're all winners here to me that's just crystal clear Who says there's insufficient love for us to overcome our fears? We ain't tryin ta hear that they been sayin that for years And why they work so hard on tryin to divide us? Could it be that they're afraid of what's inside us? birds gotta sing, and wolves gotta eat we gotta rock to the beat try to get you out your seat you ain't weak or asleep or a creep or alone so when I say revolution come on let's get it on soon as we get your wings unfurled your gifts are going to change the whole world What if we turned off the tv and I touched you and you touched me and what if we just giggled for fun and run out into the sun where we all just fall into one communicate and relate demonstrate without anger flirtin with danger talkin to a stranger we could play a game everyone could win it we could eat a meal with no animals in it go out and get our groove on and dance until the dawn and remember it all in the mornin (mornin) in the mornin (mornin) in the mornin on and on and on and on and on and we're all winners here fighting to be free from fear we're all winners here to me that's just crystal clear Who's the fool that said that it was wrong to hug the trees or that we shouldn't just dangle in the breeze and who says that a woman that likes sex is a slut? (Yeah!) you tell em they can lick your you know what and who says a man is not a man if he's not strong and who says there's such a thing as do not belong you ain't wrong so come on come along sing a song it's time to recognize you've been strong all along as soon as we get our wings unfurled our gifts are going to change the whole world There's no self made men, we're all made by our moms gratitude to every mom and we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun and the one everything freedom rings once we all can have fun we stand together, we overcome as one human family no matter where you're from and now the world don't move to the beat of one drum but gratitude because there's enough drums for everyone there's enough of everything when we live within our means give your love and your touch and your rice and your beans and your smile, it's free, give it away, give it away it might bounce around the world and save your life some day we're all winners here fighting to be free from fear we're all winners here to me that's just crystal clear
05. 00:45
Me I started a class war? C'mon you gotta be kiddin It was goin on before I was born. Ain't even all that hidden Oh it might be forbidden on your corporate controlled nightly network news but I'm about to bring a few reviews, make ol' Mr. Buffet sing the blues cause see I can't really start a class war no matter what I do but hey maybe the one that stirrin up a class war was you When you forced serfs to work your plantations that's what started your class war Disney sweatshops full of Hatians that's what started your class war Bernie's billions in Worldcom fraud that's what started your class war Unleashing fire hoses and dogs that's what started your class war There was class war in 1215 class war in 1492 and when they put the Irish in those work houses, that was class war too draggin Africans overseas and whippin em till they bleed And oops took too many to feed and a few of em got disease so hey let's throw em in the sea what the hell they're property And you still wanna say the one started up a class war is me When you put people in chains that's what started your class war Deliberately destroying their brains that's what started your class war Warrantless inspections that's what started your class war How bout syphillis injections that's what started your class war Remember United Fruit using U. S. troops on the Guatemalan poor remember Ronal Reagan's boy Ollie North in Nicaragua and Salvador remember CIA assassinations in Chile, Panama, Ecuador destroying those duly elected democracies you lying hypocrites are always claiming to be for Yeah. I'll tell you right where you can stick your starting class war Your PR firm can help you spin it Don't knock it until you're finished Because Wal-Mart's war on wages that's what started your class war Putting the poor into cages that's what started your class war Go ahead and Bomb Baghdad some more that's what starting your class war Who shot at Assata Shakur that's what starting your class war Spanish American war was all about colonization nothing more after you washed up on Hawaiian shores conducting that same war on the poor after labeling certain humans savages while destroying the food they eat and paving a trail of tears from here all the way up to black wall street and they still got it goin on with the lies they tellin the products they sellin ya still steady claiming to be helpin ya, bombin the block in Philiadelphia IMF funds and World Bank loans that's what started your class war Who, who jailed Mother Jones that's what started your class war Who's telling lies into your vision that's what started your class war Who's closing schools but building up prisons that's what started your class war Channel one in our kids' schools that's what started your class war Changing all of our food like fools that's what started your class war Mr. Bourgeoisie make life so tough that's what started your class war When the poor have had enough that's what started your class war Not me you know it's just a simple case of what you reap still being what you sew That's why you look around these days and you see so many revolutionary cats because when you have a whole society built on rat race You got winners but they're rats
Hip hop hibby to the hibbity hip hop I was out moonwalking in flip flops (bang bang boogie said up jumps the boogie said up jumps the boogie) beyond the moon's gravity I buzzed Uranus, not your body cavity I was 12 years old I thought Pluto would be cold but it's quite warm the people got their own charm They like the wave and the windmill the winds are quite frenetic (Breakdance! Do the backspin) I thought we'd be a big hit that proved to be prophetic Broke our best moves out and we got a little rowdy Spun all around and electrified the crowd With so much electricity it left em debatin our historicity resulting in much free publicity (Historicity? Is that a word?) 15 famous minutes proved not to be the case cuz I'm still all the rage me and the breakers in space breakers in space - the breakers in space they set their own pace the breakers in space - breakers in space a superhuman race of breakers in space - breakers in space cut right to the chase the breakers in space - the breakers in space - breakers in space Things was heatin up by the time we hit Venus lot o girls there, they wanted to see my... um (Ooooo.) fancy dance and romance, fun in the sun, no doubt I saw this woman what would turn your brain inside out I didn't care if she could dance I was lookin at her pants Wanted to tell her she was gorgeous if I ever got the chance But... she looked at that with contempt and disdain Like "I don't care about my beauty. Brought me nothin but pain" As we wandered the stars she showed me inner scars and I'd been in love for light years by the time that we got back to Mars breakers in space... (No. no. no no.) (The chorus don't go there. We doin the mars part. The Mars part!) (uh-uh) Breakers in Space (continued) I met a girl there had black hair everywhere in her underwear and men who stared cared I liked how people tried to put her down and she would ignore em (Talkin bout my generation) and she was the only one what made it out of Purim with decorum I went for a high five she went for a kiss she knew all the freshest shit about follow your bliss and I was like "Hey, if you wanna be my girlfriend okay that's cool but if my girlfriend calls you can't be rude that's the only rule Oh and do unto others as you'd have done unto you (What means polyamory?) And communicate what you'd do unto others. I guess that's a rule too If that's cool we could hang out at my place but nevermind the noise from the breakers in space" breakers in space - the breakers in space they set their own pace the breakers in space - breakers in space a superhuman race of breakers in space - breakers in space cut right to the chase the breakers in space - the breakers in space - breakers in space Slung shot around the sun and did the timewarp again (Let's do the timewarp again) tried to rock for Dr. Spock but he ain't wanna be out friend his eyes was like MADNESS one step beyond (beam me up Scotty) (Our house in the middle of our street) mumbling somethin bout the 80s wrath of Khan and Mr. Mantalbahn who had some rap records and a disco ball and we didn't care what it was called we broke to it all top rockin, poppin and lockin New Degobah, North Klackabakka and Compton (comin straight outta Klackabakka is a brotha that'll cuddle your mutha... uhh, could you email me a picture of your moms?) so pop and lock while we rock for justice you don't think you see the stardust but just trust us it's here it's there it's in front of your face it's love and it's lace and it's breakers in space breakers in space - the breakers in space they set their own pace the breakers in space - breakers in space a superhuman race of breakers in space - breakers in space cut right to the chase the breakers in space - the breakers in space - breakers in space 9 planets when we started but now there's only 8 (They gonna pay for what they did to Pluto.) One got ate at a egghead debate (Not Pluto!) learn new tricks you old dog it's never too late and blend in some new styles you create build me a beat I'll bust the babble like a bubble and once we hit the tribbles with the trebble man you know they in trouble (Cuz it's 1-8-7 on ya undercover crops) no ray gun (Well) we have fun on the real leave your asteroid field and remember the feel from when breakin wasn't just showin off your body it was ladi dadi (ladi dadi) and we like to party (we didn't cause trouble, didn't bother nobody) wasn't no fans cause the circle expands till everybody could see more than just feets and hands everybody could get in with no maybes old white ladies and itty bity babies would just catch a groove and bust your move lay it to waste just like the breakers in space breakers in space - the breakers in space they set their own pace the breakers in space - breakers in space a superhuman race of breakers in space - breakers in space cut right to the chase the breakers in space - the breakers in space - breakers in space
08. 00:40
Back before your father was born I used to go online and search for porn and I had magazines, DVDs Miseducating me with their non-stop misogyny I had misinformation on treating women properly Maxim magazine advice that I executed sloppily To fill the void left by parents who never talked to me I was a little tiny man with a big world on top of me And to be quite honest, I was afraid of girls I arrested my development in a cartoon world To the point where I'd fantasize about cartoon boobs In a catatonic state with my cathode ray feeding tube I didn't have the hottest car but at least I had employment I had a college education and a pay day for enjoyment you know: rent a few movies, take a few back fill empty spaces in my life with department store crap I used to try to socialize but that was always a chore women didn't need men anymore so what was I even there for? until one day when I was blurring my reality At an office party open bar downing liquid personality When your grandma appeared as if in a dream and she was high society, and low self-esteem She was the daughter of the boss of my boss' boss surprisingly easy to talk to with how she hit the sauce we hit it off started seeing a lot of each other still never would I have imagined she would become your father's mother seems I was enough of a looser to be revenge on mister Cleaver the way her family used to touch her made her an eager leaver so next thing you know I'm on the outskirts of town in some big house on a hill they had laying around to assuage their guilty conscience this was something they could give her a safe distance from the homeless, dangerously close to the river and some kind of alphabet soup, I dunno, PCBs? that was being pumped and dumped by a couple of crazy companies Ah yes, but I digress, I get ahead of myself let's see... my life... my new wife... Your father's failing mental health Safe to say he wasn't born into the greatest of situations two newlywed nincompoops, BAM! baby. No preparation See, your grandma was a lush, and I was a freak and she would pass out and I would work out my technique Nine months later your father appeared She was still drunk, I was still weird In a manicured chem-lawn world surrounded by EM fields and plastic you have the illusion of serenity while your cells are going spastic and we didn't even know the question, let alone have any answer your aunt Ruth was born half eaten by cancer DOA sad to say, that's why you never knew your aunt seems the one thing your grandma never got was about the only thing she would want after that it was just me you see taking care of your father it hit your grandma pretty hard, so she hit the bottle even harder I should have got your grandma help, but I wasn't man enough So your uncle Ron was born with that fetal alcohol stuff that's why he's not quite right, he's not quite wrong Your father helped us get along and before you know his childhood's gone you see, this stupid system screwed your family in stages they locked your father in cages and that's the reason for his violent rages Oh, you didn't know? He's probably never mentioned When your dad was a teenager he took things to get attention He wound up in and out of juvenile detention We were raising two lost boys with lives full of apprehension Your dad was less and less in school, more and more on the street getting harder and harder to hire with his really ramshackle rap sheet it's not always what you've done, sometimes it's who you know gramma's family tried to get him jobs but half the time he wouldn't go So, next thing you know he signs up for the corps In our United State of perpetual war Quickly married your mamma for the military benefit left half his mind behind and now we never hear the end of it He's always popping off at protesters and their 'peace is patriotic' I don't know who's right or wrong, but half the time he's idiotic I suppose peace is possible, preferable at the heart of it but that's for braver folks to decide, me and grandma wanted no part of it we just paid our taxes... but didn't vote It was all we could do to cope; we didn't have time for hope We just watched the nightly news, blah, blah, blah, what wars we're winning and all this left wing right wing left my head spinning I stopped watching around the time they switched that chick for Peter Jennings There was a Mets game on, that was headed for extra innings tv talked about times being better, but that was a big bunch of crap and Perhaps, I'm talked out, I should probably take a nap Why don't you call your friend Jeff, go play outside And if the sun comes out remember how I showed you where to hide Hey! Don't hit your grandpa! You sure are your father's daughter Later when I awaken, go with grandpa, we'll get you a loan for water Just remember not to strap your oxygen helmet on too tight last time your face turned white and it stayed that way all night I wish you had a better future, so it goes... so it goes I probably could have done better, I suppose... I suppose
11. 00:44
It's like 2, 4, 6, 8 And um... NASDAQ futures are lookin great And um... So's America... Uh! So's Democracy I love the media HA! There's no hypocrisy I love Bill O'Riely... Trust the man implicitly I... Believe the President that there's no complicity In... all these Indonesian people's misery Got a big silver spoon and a bowl of false history How I spend all my time is not a mystery Got... a big bottle o' wine my breath is blisterin And... I'm flippin channels lookin for some nudity Got... all I need in my house... Fuck my community I... Don't like women... And I... Hate minorities I... Believe that people should trust in their authorities And I... Hate these taxes... And I... Blame the poor And I... Believe whatever they say about the war And I... Hate the terrorists but don't know why they hate us I think it's obvious America's the greatest But I... Can't stop now... I'm just gettin started I think... Sensitivity's GAY plus RETARDED And I... Don't trust men who don't... Watch football And I... Don't think men should touch other men AT ALL I never... hugged my father... we just... Watch tv Moms is always busy... cookin for 23 And I... Hate the towel-heads... and dad... Hates the gooks And I... got this ribbon... says... Support the troops And it's... Ridin High... on my... SUV And I'm... Proud to be an American Where at Least I know I'm FREE (I'm free) Yeah me see I'm free but you... you don't matter Long as Mr. Corporation's Pockets... Keep gettin fatter We might... Suffer some suffrage... we might... free some slaves let you see free tv cradle to grave EVEN let you fight for your rights if you behave Let you get in yet more debt you try to save You ain't heard o we? You livin in a cave It's the land of the somewhat free... and the home of the sometimes brave baby Yeah this is America son... You gotta earn your livin cause not even that is a given I said this is America son you gotta earn your livin cause not even that is a given
13. 00:30
One thing about music is when it's real they won't play it too much truth they can't even say it Say Revolution then they'll delay it In the real world see people know they had enough sick and tired of livin so fed up but they try to act and they get stuck In the real world it's hard to plot a good strategy workin part time j-o-b number 3 coming home to a hungry family make some tea out in the sea I see GNP as my enemy cause see my inner voice says to me get on up it's time to get free yeah, get on up it's time to get free Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na) Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na) One thing about love is when it's real they get scared one thing for which they are not prepared is if people all knew the truth and they cared cause if you really loved the living, I mean enough to give of your life GE simply could not survive, McDonald's could not talk their jive You'd shout em down. Again and again and again every time they come around With their tail between their legs they'd leave out your town When they couldn't make a penny, pence or a pound get down for real, make sure your friends also all know the deal google up Dave Morris, Helen Steel, cause that's how you act when you love for real would you rather be a realist or idealist just have faith or really feel this Is it all about welfare and healthcare or FREEDOM Would you rather have the truth or tv cause see my inner voice says to me get on up it's time to get free get on up it's time to get free Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na) Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na) One thing about courage when it's real they get mad they want their sheeple not to be bad, sit alone in the dark and watch some more ads Everywhere you look there's prisons, every day they buildin more That's the real plan for housin the poor, what the hell you think they built them all for? A brother like me I just stay awake Get in where you fit in for the Earth's sake And it's still one love with no time to hate But get on up you control your own fate get on up you control your own fate get on up you control your own fate Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na) Disseminate Information (na na na) Time to contemplate your liberation (na na na)
the world could be such a beauitiful place we could grow back all of the trees take all the madness out of the air make it safe for the birds and the bees reduce our need for energy and get it all straight from the sun and build a brighter more beautiful world for sharing with everyone except for the horny people we could take our kids and fill them up with premium self esteem teach them lots of everything to help them live out their dreams love everything about them right down to their imperfections and teach them to share everything with everyone no exceptions except for the horny people because the horny people should die All of the horny people should die there's one little fact in this great big world which nobody can deny and that's that horny people should die All of the horny people should die they should die... die... die... there's beauty everywhere you look be grateful to be in your skin love yourself but do not touch for that kind of love is a sin don't trade your soul for tactile gold that fades while heaven would last and remember God loves everyone because God don't-a make-a no trash except for horny people old people should not be horny that's just so obviously wrong young people need aversion therapy to help them in gettin along horny people internment camps are needed all over the Earth where we could send them straight to hell after we strip them and spank them first oh my, my, somebody kill me because the horny people should die All of the horny people should die there's one little fact in this great big world which nobody can deny and that's that the horny people should die All of the horny people should die they should die, they should die, they should die, etc.
18. 00:34
You remember being young with coloring books? Wanting every grown up to look? They didn't care about your artistic expression or even how much time it took They just wanted to know... Hey! Way to go I like how you stayed inside the lines My crayon ranged all over they tried to say I was out of my mind You gotta color inside those lines or else your picture will be sloppy You need to learn to live inside of a world of orthodoxy Don't do this. Don't do that. Don't talk back Matter o fact, why don't you lay your head down on the mat and take a nap Don't talk without raising your hand. Don't stand so close to me when you breathe Don't touch hot stoves and GO BLOW YOUR NOSE! don't whipe that on your sleeve! don't hit. Don't throw a fit. Don't ask why. Don't cry out loud. Don't break that! Don't take that! Don't daydream. You still seem to have your head up in the CLOUDS Don't be all loud. And don't ever disrespect other people's property And don't color outside the lines. you gotta color pictures properly. Now as I began to sprout I figured out what that was all about We don't shout shout let it all out, just be inactive when it doubt Don't rock the boat or the vote. Don't miss work without a note and if things get to tough to cope... give up hope You have to have faith in this here system and just accept that it's all there is The valuable things is just that which brings that cha-ching to big businesses let it be understood that old growth woods don't take out ads in our publications Amber waves of grain won't train to sustain our campaigns on misbehavin nations That's why I can't stand these tree huggin types, like picture two trees fixin to fight where one been in the other's light and they been gettin drunk all night right like, "Evergreen you bein mean synthesizin all that junk! Throw your branches up I'm bout to knock your canopy off your trunk" "Poplar please, put up your leaves, you always in my breeze that's why your mom's a sleaze, opened her knees and got the Dutch Elm disease" Yeah that would be real whack, but it's human beings that act like that Like a tree is just paychecks for lumberjacks If you divide the guilt into millionths you ain't gotta pay it no mind You just gotta pick up that next crayon and color inside those lines Don't forget, don't fret, don't let that stinkin doorknob hit you Don't you agree that tree would probably look better as toilet tissue? Don't you see I'm busy? Don't bother me with this today Don't be in the loggers' way! Hey, don't you think air is overrated anyway? Don't give me no egg-head Mr. Wizard's World about "carbon sequestration" Don't you ever stop to consider that maybe deforestation is just a product of your overactive imagination? Don't always go blaming corporations for all of your so called "problems" with pollution Don't be absurd and use dirty words. I heard somebody said Revolu... ooops. How are you supposed to protect the planet? Don't axe me man. I'on't know. You'll figure sumpn out. Color inside the lines as you go So now we're all like what the heck I don't mean no disrespect I'm just sayin it seems we ain't allowed to do nothin unless it won't have much effect Jimmy Carter can't even tell peeps to turn down the heat and put on a sweater And a thousand clever letters to the editor never made my air quality any better I spoze I'm supposed to write to my congressman he claimed to be an environmentalist when he ran Oh except now he's on K street gettin somethin to eat with his lobbyist friend: the man. and savin these precious trees ain't really a part of HIS plan but that's fine, you just color inside those lines while you still can So that's the end of my song, my ramblin, scramblin and carryin on But, ah, Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got till it's gone?


released May 17, 2009




My Rap Name is Alex Buffalo, New York

My Rap Name is Alex. I'm a story teller from Buffalo, New York in North America. These days I tend to focus on stories having to do with how we can treat ourselves, the beings around us, and our environment much better than we have been.

For more info on me please check out my Patreon link below.
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