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Live bits & Beats

by My Rap Name is Alex

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Alright all these vegetarian backpackin emcees can, oh wait. I'm sorry. My bad. That's me! sandal-sock tribe tag up if you're feelin fit to forrage with bananas even poriage can be some major scorage I remember cola candy box-food days developing a belly peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches with WAY to much jelly / I had a nightmare full of filthy deep-fried fast food stuff / where mutilated monkeys eat some dirty wirty nerdy feet / french fried carrot sticks were floating in a can of blood / and me, I forgot my spoon. What a dud! you can chastise a lion for not being a vegan but before you get to finish you'll probably get eaten don't become what you oppose don't look so hard down your nose don't judge a book by it's clothes and don't just blindly follow bros don't just go, go, go, go and never give yourself a break don't get fooled into feeling money's the most important thing you can make it's really not so much the kid smashy smashing for smashy smash's sake as the kid spray painting an A because the matrix is fake how they finger waggin you for taggin, with all the hues that you herl meanwhile they got their toxic white truck sprayin the whole world with all these crazy lawn chemicals and I find it quite incredible they're really willing to spend a couple grand to be free of all the medicine and the edibles food is all around us, you can eat it for free but so long as we don't know that then slaves to the system we'll be willingly, gleefully, ignorant blissfully well if you ask me you should Get your food direct from the source Get your love direct from the source Get your peace direct from the source Of coarse. Of course. Of corse? Of course! creatures seek comfort but take care who you're apeasing the hotter you heat the house the faster you feel it in the freezing I know the real world can be cold yo. Who you tellin? every day I wake I wake up down for rebelin And I got a stack of perfect attendance certs that I don't give a damn about I await one of these dog eat dog dogs to tag in and we can have it out got wise to your denial trick and it feels good to get wise to no longer get so blinded by all the lies shoved in our eyes have you ever taken a close look at cities can't find any trees that are not diseased? can't find any soil that would be suitable to farm but if a dog poops on a lawn (RING THE ALARM) our species is fixated [on] breaking down the cycle of life our species never learned to cope with death and now we got a knife to our veins, or our brains, all our parts, 'cept the chains steered toward isolation till only apathy remains we have hunger pangs for hugs that used to come freely I guess we left em behind somewher in a slaughter house in Greely mean mugging so often is like one foot in the coffin till you have to spend hard time trying hard just to soften it's love vs. hate and really hatred is a myth so just love your love so much you love the love you love their love with There's love like a fountain at the foot of this here mountain and I can see it erupting expanding disrupting when you Get your love direct from the source Get your peace direct from the source Get your food direct from the source Of coarse.


released May 1, 2020




My Rap Name is Alex Buffalo, New York

My Rap Name is Alex. I'm a story teller from Buffalo, New York in North America. These days I tend to focus on stories having to do with how we can treat ourselves, the beings around us, and our environment much better than we have been.

For more info on me please check out my Patreon link below.
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